What we Believe

GEP Statements

A Implementer of Global-Localize

We believe the multiple-layer in all environments required a energy which is from top to the bottom, from bottom to the top, from small scale to big scale or from big scale to small scale. We believe we are the integrator of this dynamic power.

A Builder of Multiple-Scale

We attempt to dig out experiences and support from developed environments and then find out new opportunities in all potential projects and practice in all scale of space, such as region development, urban planning, urban design, urban renewal, architecture, Landscape, interior design.

An Integrator for different Perspective

During the process of Environment approaches, we believe all participants should find out “win-win” points although all participants have different perspective. We will take all considerations such as public priority, development profits ,client’s subjective opinions, site conditions, user differences and experts‘ expectations in advance. We are going to find out the best strategies for all kind of environmental challenges and do our best to focus on “win-win” points under multiple value conflictions.

A Believer by” get it done before making it perfect”

We deeply know the pace of developing countries are the same as the human beings which grow from infant to adult. It requires lots of patience and Empathy. During transforming and evolution in all demands, we are willing to follow all changes of environments and doing all efforts from basic to excellent ,from crude to delicate and from wind to civilized.

A Follower of doing the right thing sequentially

We admire that we shall embody certain level of social vocation while practicing space. The value of planning or design is not necessary visible or can be judged in a short period of time. Sometimes, reducing those mistakes be made during development bring more value. We are more concern that taking more social responsibilities in the history. Facing all kind of complicated social issues, we go for it.

A Guilder of Society Responsibility

To those more meaningful projects, we prefer do the right thing slowly rather than do the wrong thing rapidly. we believe using correct and slow attitude not only Infilling new energies in ordinary dwellings but also keep distance to those development model by making instant errors.

Design Philosophy

Our Design Approaches in “SS,S,M,L,X,XL-Scale”?

Value-added Actions

Digging out potential Opportunities


Innovation with Trends


  • Real Estate Development
  • Urban Planning/Design
  • Architecture Design(Shop house/Housing/Condo etc.) Landscape design
  • Interior Design
  • Social Housing